Local business on tap

Finding good clients can be a chore.

OneFix is a vendor management concierge helping business owners find and manage their vendors through a single source. We act as a trusted advisor for our members to take the stress out of finding the right partner to support them. That's where you come in.

We bring them to you — for free.

We're constantly seeking high-quality, trusted professionals who we can pair with our members when they need it. Whenever our members have an emergency come up or look to start a new project, they turn to us to find and vet the best partner for them. When you're in our network, you become our first choice and have the earliest opportunity to win that business.

The best part is - we don't charge you to join our network and receive opportunities from us. We believe the proof is in the pudding - as long as you are reliable and provide consistent, great service at a competitive price we keep the jobs flowing your way.

Line lime
Line lime

Jump to the top of the list
when a business needs help.

Fast payments

Guaranteed on-time payment for every job. No following up. No late pays.

Actual Jobs

We're not asking for quotes, when we send you a job it's ready for work.

No paperwork

We take care of all claim or warranty paperwork. We just need you to do the work and keep us updated. Less paperwork for you.

No fees

We don't charge you any fees to be in our network or receive jobs from us.


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OneFix is a vendor management concierge, built for the food & beverage industry to help owners, operators, general managers, and executive chefs get the most out of their vendors and suppliers.